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Why Would I Want a Septic System?

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Some homebuyers who have always used a centralized/city sewer are leery of moving into a home with a septic system. While both centralized sewer and septic systems are a means to dispose of and treat wastewater, they both have their   …Continue Reading

Detached Dividing Walls Can Cause Septic Problems

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If your septic system was installed after the late 1980s, chances are it is a two-compartment tank that uses a dividing wall. The wall traps most of the paper and waste in the first compartment of your septic tank, keeping   …Continue Reading

Septic Tank Problems and How to Prevent Them [Infographic]

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I recently came across this great infographic, “Backed Up: Septic Tank Problems and How to Prevent Them,” and wanted to share it. There’s a lot of great information, but I wanted to add some thoughts I had while reading. Check   …Continue Reading

My Toilet and Drains are Gurgling — Is it a Septic Problem?

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Gurgling toilets or drains can indicate a problem with a home’s plumbing or septic system — but it can be difficult to determine what the problem is and who to call for help. Generally plumbers can inspect plumbing and and   …Continue Reading

Common Septic Systems: Standard Septic Systems

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You flush your commode multiple times a day, but do you ever stop to wonder what happens to the water after it disappears? If you live in a rural area, or even some older areas of San Antonio where the   …Continue Reading

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