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Don’t Skip a Real Estate Inspection

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Most of our real estate inspection topics are geared towards conventional septic systems, but aerobic systems should be inspected as well. This applies even if the system is under a current maintenance contract and if the system was recently serviced.   …Continue Reading

Liquid Chlorinators: An Alternative to Using Chlorine Tabs

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Aerobic Systems and Tablet Chlorinators Aerobic systems rely heavily on free oxygen because bacteria uses the oxygen to treat wastewater. Trash tanks break down paper and waste, much like the standard septic tank. Although, instead of liquids traveling from the   …Continue Reading

Aerobic Tank Pumping + Heavy Rain = Floating Tank

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South Texas has been blessed with lots of rain after years of drought. We are thankful for the rain, but it can cause a few septic system issues. Tanks can actually uproot from the ground and float after they are   …Continue Reading

Can I Dilute Liquid Bleach for My Aerobic System?

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Operating and maintaining an aerobic system requires you as the homeowner to add chlorine to your septic system. If you choose to use liquid chlorine, you can dilute it without rendering it ineffective. Recipe for diluting bleach Diluting your bleach   …Continue Reading

Do You Know What Your Aerobic Maintenance Provider Can Do for You?

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All aerobic systems require maintenance, and are required by TCEQ to be checked every 4 months. Simple enough, right? Not exactly. Most homeowners think the only thing to check is the chlorine, but this is just one of the minor   …Continue Reading

4 Advantages of Aerobic Septic Systems

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If you live in San Antonio or the surrounding Hill Country, aerobic systems are the most common type of septic system being installed for new construction and for system replacement. Aerobic systems have been around for decades, but have become   …Continue Reading

Help! My Aerobic System Smells!

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A common myth is that aerobic systems smell. Well, some do, but they shouldn’t! A smelly septic system is a sign of a problem, one that needs to be fixed sooner instead of later. Here’s what to do if your   …Continue Reading

Why We Only Install and Service Clearstream Aerobic Systems

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There are many different manufacturers of aerobic systems. So, why do we choose to only install and service Clearstream aerobic systems? Simple. Because we believe it’s the best quality aerobic system out there. Aerobic systems were not always common Back   …Continue Reading

Aerobic Systems Decoded

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Most of our customers are aware of the general process of how their aerobic system works, but are unfamiliar with what is checked and/or replaced during maintenance checks. Aerobic systems have tons of individual parts, including complex electronics — here’s   …Continue Reading

Common Aerobic System Problems

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If you have an aerobic system, chances are your septic system alarm has activated at some point. This alarm doesn’t necessarily mean there’s an emergency, just that there’s something that needs your attention. Not sure what to check? Here’s a   …Continue Reading

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