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Category Archives: Aerobic Systems

Help! My Water Company Thinks I’m Watering on Restricted Days Because of My Aerobic System!

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A few customers have had their aerobic systems confused with their irrigation system, either by the water company, city or neighbors. It can be tricky to distinguish between an aerobic system and an irrigation system at a distance. If you   …Continue Reading

Silent Aerobic Saboteurs: Ants

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Ants are known to be destroyers of electrical components in general. But what about when it comes to aerobic systems? Ants are a huge problem for aerobic systems and the technicians that service them. Even systems that are serviced regularly   …Continue Reading

Ants: The Silent Aerobic System Destroyers

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Ants can wreak havoc to the electrical components of your aerobic system. But there’s good news! You can protect your system with minimal time and expense. System Issues There’s no doubt ants seem to gravitate towards electrical components. Some of   …Continue Reading

My Grass Is Brown. Are My Spray Heads Working?

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With this dry weather, many customers are concerned that their aerobic system spray heads may not be working. Here’s a few tips in case you are wondering the same thing! Most spray heads spray in the middle of the night,   …Continue Reading

3 Ways to Save Money on Your Next Septic Cleaning

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Septic tank cleaning costs can add up. Some companies provide a turn-key price while others pricing a-la-carte. Here are a few ways you may be able to save money on your next septic tank cleaning. Pump your tank every 3-5   …Continue Reading

Did the Winter Storm Damage my Septic System?

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Surveying the damage to your septic system. What a Texas Winter Storm we had! Because of the water and power outages, many homeowners are concerned about their septic systems. By now, any immediate effects likely would have been realized. But   …Continue Reading

Can I Service My Own Aerobic System?

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If you are a DIY type of person, you may wonder if you can service your own aerobic system. One aspect that makes DIY appealing is the potential cost savings. However, this isn’t always the case! Just because you “can”   …Continue Reading

What’s better? Conventional Septic or Aerobic?

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A common question: What’s better? A conventional septic system or aerobic system? The answer depends on what aspect you are talking about. The primary reason for either system is to treat household wastewater. If this is the aspect being discussed,   …Continue Reading

Are All Aerobic Septic Systems the Same?

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If you have an aerobic septic system system and you’ve ever called around for service, you might have been surprised that not all companies work on all brands of aerobic systems. Is there really much difference? Don’t all aerobic systems   …Continue Reading

Why Does the Rain Make My Aerobic System Alarm Activate?

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September 2018 has brought our area a lot of rain, and it looks like there’s still more to come! Does it seem like the alarm on your aerobic system turns on every time it rains? If so, here are a   …Continue Reading

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