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Where’s Your Septic Tank Located?

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Knowing your septic tank location is very important. Since all septic tanks require maintenance and pumping, the tank must be accessible for service. Knowing where your tank is can help you avoid extra costs for locating, and can prevent you   …Continue Reading

5 Surprising, Little Known Facts About Septic Systems

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Think you know septic systems? Check out these surprising facts most people don’t know! Your septic system contains an ecological system. A delicate balance of bacteria lives within your septic tank which partially treats the wastewater. Then, when the water   …Continue Reading

Shield Your Field

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Your drainfield is an essential part of your septic system. Yet, it’s easy to disregard because it’s out of sight and out of mind. Here are a few way you can shied your field: Don’t allow vehicles to park or   …Continue Reading

Don’t strain your drain!

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In addition to keeping items out of the system that do not belong, excessive water entering your system can cause septic problems. Here are a few ways to avoid straining your system with hydraulic overload. Quickly fix running commodes Quickly   …Continue Reading

Think at the Sink!

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The items going down your drains have a big impact on your septic system. Here are some things to avoid pouring down your drains! Grease (wipe your pans with paper towel before rinsing) Chemicals (harsh cleaning chemicals, excessive bleach, etc.)   …Continue Reading

Making Septic Tank Cleaning Easier

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No one likes their yard being dug up. Unfortunately, that’s the only way to properly clean out a septic tank if the lids are buried. There are ways to make locating your lids easier, and to avoid digging each time.   …Continue Reading

Rootering & Hydro-Jetting Your Septic System: Is it worth it?

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Septic system problems never happen at a good time. Most septic problems stem from the inability of the drainfield to accommodate the amount of wastewater flowing to it from the home. With the average life span of a drainfield being   …Continue Reading

Spring Cleaning? Don’t Forget About Your Septic Tank!

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Does the warmer weather have you in the mood for spring cleaning? Don’t forget about your septic tank. Sure, it’s not in front of you to visually see how dirty it is, but that doesn’t mean you leave it off   …Continue Reading

Top Septic Tank Cleaning Questions

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You asked. We answered. What happens when a septic tank is cleaned? Tanks that have access lids without risers need to be cleared of dirt before opening, and this requires digging, which can take more time to service. Conventional septic   …Continue Reading

Do coffee and soda affect my septic system?

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Everything that goes down the drain can affect your septic system. Coffee and soda drinkers may need to think twice before pouring a large amount of unused leftovers down the drain. As the saying goes, “moderation is key,” but if   …Continue Reading

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