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Drainfield Cleaning

roto-rooter hydro-jet going through tree rootsSeptic problems never occur at a good time; and replacing the system is not always within the budget. Rooter and hydro-jet services can restore function to septic lines in a PVC drainfield and, in some cases, prolong the life of a septic system.

Here’s what the service includes:

  • To ensure the pipe leaving the tank has no water in it when we dig and open it, we pump your septic tank within a few days of the scheduled rooter/hydro-jet service.
  • On the service day we locate and expose the pipe between the tank and drainfield with a mini-excavator to gain access to the pipe.
  • We install a PVC cleanout between the tank and the drainfield to provide access to the system, both for the service as well as for monitoring and future maintenance.
  • We rooter and/or hydro-jet the septic lines to try to clear them out.
  • If there appears to be improvement in the function of the pipes, the technician will offer to apply Foaming Root Killing Treatment (additional cost). This product is not harmful to the environment, your system, or your trees.

Our equipment is the best available for septic drainfield work. The rootering machine reaches 200 RPM (revolutions per minute) and our Hydro-Jet Machine puts out 4200 PSI (pounds-force per square inch).

Please note the following requirements:

  • We will need at least five fee (5’) of clearance for the mini-excavator.
  • Calling 811 to have underground utilities marked is the homeowner’s responsibility. We are not responsible for unmarked utilities or sprinkler lines. (It usually takes a few days for 811 to mark the utilities.)
  • This service has a 50% success rate. Rootering & hydro-jetting may or may not help the system and we can not offer a guarantee.
  • If this service does help with your system, it may be temporary. Because there is not a guarantee, there is no refund or credit for the service if it doesn’t help or if it is only temporary.

While rootering and hydro-jetting may not help all systems, it may be a worthwhile final effort to attempt to keep using your system without a full replacement.

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