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Did the Winter Storm Damage my Septic System?

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Surveying the damage to your septic system.

What a Texas Winter Storm we had! Because of the water and power outages, many homeowners are concerned about their septic systems. By now, any immediate effects likely would have been realized. But some possible results may not surface for a while.

With the unprecedented weather, we really don’t know all the effects it may have had yet. But aerobic systems may be more impacted by the extreme cold, while conventional systems may be more affected by extra water entering the system by dripping faucets.

If you had a water outage during the storm, the lack of water entering the system should not have caused any problems. But winterizing your pipes by dripping faucets could mean a higher-than-standard water input into your system. Too much water puts your septic system at risk for a hydraulic overload which can have consequences that may not be apparent right away.

Possible future impacts to your systems:

Both types of systems can be affected by the large volume of water entering them. The temporary increase in water volume could mean a need for pumping more frequently.

Aerators in aerobic systems are very susceptible to extreme hot or cold (and the swing between the two). If your aerator made it through, the freezing temps likely have weakened the diaphragms. Damaged diaphragms generally lead to replacing or repairing the aerator in the near future.

Power outages and flickers can cause timers to be off the expected programmed times. They can also cause shorts in the electrical components, uncovered during maintenance or a specific electrical system repair call.

Spray heads and spray lines are susceptible to cracking due to the freeze. Cracks in heads and spray lines take an inspection to uncover any damage.

What to do next
Not sure if your system has been affected? First, if you aren’t experiencing any problems with your system, don’t worry too much. We’d be happy to check your system to see how it is currently operating, even if some of the scenarios may not be detectable yet.

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