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Ants: The Silent Aerobic System Destroyers

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Ants can wreak havoc to the electrical components of your aerobic system. But there’s good news! You can protect your system with minimal time and expense. System Issues There’s no doubt ants seem to gravitate towards electrical components. Some of   …Continue Reading

Does “Flushable” mean “Septic Safe”?

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Wondering what is safe to flush down the commode when you live on a septic system? Besides your wastewater, here’s the one thing that is safe to flush do your commode: Toilet paper. That’s it. Flushable does not equal septic   …Continue Reading

My Grass Is Brown. Are My Spray Heads Working?

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With this dry weather, many customers are concerned that their aerobic system spray heads may not be working. Here’s a few tips in case you are wondering the same thing! Most spray heads spray in the middle of the night,   …Continue Reading

Top 5 Things We Find Built Over Septic Tanks

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“Why would they do that?” That’s the question we often don’t know the answer to. Often homeowners build over their septic tanks. Sometimes because they don’t know where the tank is, sometimes they don’t even know they have a septic   …Continue Reading

Covid and Your Septic System

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Covid has affected so many aspects of our everyday life. Did you know it has an effect on your septic system too? Increased usage on your septic system from staying home more can have many affects.  Each septic system is   …Continue Reading

Septic System Wreckers: Leaking Toilets & Dripping Faucets

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Has your toilet handle ever been stuck? Have to jiggle it to keep it from running? Does your faucet have a small drip? Homeowners often consider these plumbing leaks to be a minor annoyance and allow them to continue for   …Continue Reading

Keep It Clean!

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Did you know that all septic systems recycle your household wastewater usage? After the wastewater moves through the system, it is treated and then the liquids are returned to the earth. In conventional systems, this happens after the liquids have   …Continue Reading

Pump Your Tank

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Pumping your septic tank is one of the most important things you can do to keep your system functioning properly, yet, it’s one of the things that most homeowners don’t do. Why fix it if it ain’t broke? Well, because   …Continue Reading

Shield Your Field

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Your drainfield is an essential part of your septic system. Yet, it’s easy to disregard because it’s out of sight and out of mind. Here are a few way you can shied your field: Don’t allow vehicles to park or   …Continue Reading

Don’t strain your drain!

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In addition to keeping items out of the system that do not belong, excessive water entering your system can cause septic problems. Here are a few ways to avoid straining your system with hydraulic overload. Quickly fix running commodes Quickly   …Continue Reading

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