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Silent Aerobic Saboteurs: Ants

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Ants are known to be destroyers of electrical components in general. But what about when it comes to aerobic systems? Ants are a huge problem for aerobic systems and the technicians that service them. Even systems that are serviced regularly   …Continue Reading

Where’s Your Septic Tank Located?

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Knowing your septic tank location is very important. Since all septic tanks require maintenance and pumping, the tank must be accessible for service. Knowing where your tank is can help you avoid extra costs for locating, and can prevent you   …Continue Reading

Do I Need to Pump My Tank if I Use Additives?

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You’ve likely seen the commercials about using septic tank additives (such as Rid-X), and may have wondered if that would help save you money on pumping your septic tank. After all, it sounds like a good idea and who doesn’t   …Continue Reading

Payment Plans for Septic Systems

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Van Delden Wastewater Systems has partnered with Hearth Financing to bring more options to our customers! We know septic system problems never come at a good time. Don’t let money stand in the way of your family’s health and safety   …Continue Reading

5 Surprising, Little Known Facts About Septic Systems

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Think you know septic systems? Check out these surprising facts most people don’t know! Your septic system contains an ecological system. A delicate balance of bacteria lives within your septic tank which partially treats the wastewater. Then, when the water   …Continue Reading

Can I Use Any Kind of Toilet Paper?

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This is a pretty common question, especially when toilet paper was scarce during the Covid pandemic of 2020. No one wants to use camping toilet paper on a daily basis (ouch!), so what can you use? While I haven’t seen   …Continue Reading

Thanksgiving: A Time to Be Thankful for Septic Systems

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Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on the blessings we have been provided and to share the celebration with friends and family. In this time of public health concern, we can be extra thankful for indoor plumbing and our septic   …Continue Reading

The 2 Silent Septic Killers

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It’s Halloween time, but what’s scarier than vampires and ghosts? A backed up septic system. There are two main silent septic killers – which you can help prevent! NOT pumping your tank. When a septic tank is not pumped regularly   …Continue Reading

Ants: The Silent Aerobic System Destroyers

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Ants can wreak havoc to the electrical components of your aerobic system. But there’s good news! You can protect your system with minimal time and expense. System Issues There’s no doubt ants seem to gravitate towards electrical components. Some of   …Continue Reading

Does “Flushable” mean “Septic Safe”?

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Wondering what is safe to flush down the commode when you live on a septic system? Besides your wastewater, here’s the one thing that is safe to flush do your commode: Toilet paper. That’s it. Flushable does not equal septic   …Continue Reading

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