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FAQ Answered: When Should I Pump My Septic Tank?

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There is a common misconception that you only pump your tank when it is “full.” This is only partially true. Let’s use an example to explain this. Your septic tank is 1,000 gallons with a normal liquid level of 1,000 gallons.   …Continue Reading

Liquid Chlorinators: An Alternative to Using Chlorine Tabs

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Aerobic Systems and Tablet Chlorinators Aerobic systems rely heavily on free oxygen because bacteria uses the oxygen to treat wastewater. Trash tanks break down paper and waste, much like the standard septic tank. Although, instead of liquids traveling from the   …Continue Reading

Finding a Qualified Company to Pump Your Septic Tank

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A septic system is expensive to replace which is why it is extremely important to make sure it is properly maintained. By foregoing regular maintenance, it can become subject to a number of challenges including heavy sludge, roots in tank,   …Continue Reading

Septic Inspection Discovery: Inaccessible Tank

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There are many types of septic systems and with that comes a variety of different inspections for each. Recently we were called to an older home where the septic inspection included locating the tank, exposing the lids and pumping the   …Continue Reading

Septic System Planning: What to Know When Buying a Home

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If you’re in the market for a home that has a septic system, don’t think a one-size-fits-all septic inspection exists. Every home is subject to a different level of inspection based on the type of system previously installed. Research is   …Continue Reading

Landscaper Puts Patio Over Homeowner’s Septic Tank

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As the owner of a custom home, you can be sure that the builder and landscaper didn’t build anything like a patio over your septic tank, right? Unfortunately this exact situation is more common than you think. The first sign   …Continue Reading

Taking Care of Your Septic System This Summer

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If you’re anything like our family, your yard gets a lot more use in the summer — it’s almost June, and barbecues, parties, and summer vacations are right around the corner. Here are some tips for keeping your septic system   …Continue Reading

How Much Does a New Septic System Cost?

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Installing a septic system is a complex process, and there are several factors that can affect the final cost of a new septic system. Designing and permitting Before a septic system is installed, it must be designed and permitted. Some   …Continue Reading

Having a Septic System Emergency? Call a Professional Immediately

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Most homeowners don’t think about their septic system until they have a problem. If you’re reading this because you’re having a septic emergency, call a professional immediately. If your septic system  is working fine, now is the perfect time to put together   …Continue Reading

Van Delden Earns 2014 Angie’s List Super Service Award

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Right on the heels of Pam’s Excellence in Service Award from NAWT , we’re excited to announce that Van Delden Wastewater Systems has earned the Super Service Award from local services marketplace and consumer review site Angie’s List! Earning this award is   …Continue Reading

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