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Help! My Water Company Thinks I’m Watering on Restricted Days Because of My Aerobic System!

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A few customers have had their aerobic systems confused with their irrigation system, either by the water company, city or neighbors. It can be tricky to distinguish between an aerobic system and an irrigation system at a distance. If you are facing this situation, here are a few ways to shed some light on the situation.

  1. Prove you have an aerobic system. Start by obtaining a copy of your septic permit to show in court. This permit will indicate your system has spray heads that could have been mistaken for irrigation.
  2. Prove you have aerobic system spray heads that are visible from the street.
    • The permit will include a layout of where your heads and the spray area were installed during installation. As long as nothing has changed, then the layout will verify your spray head locations could have been seen from the street during their drive-by, which could have been mistaken for irrigation.
    • Take pictures of your purple-topped aerobic system spray heads to prove that you have non-irrigation heads (aerobic system heads are required to be purple-topped in Texas).
    • You could challenge them by asking them show you pictures of the actual spray heads that they saw spraying. They may have pictures of the water spraying out, but likely not the actual heads so it would be hard for them to prove whether or not they saw your irrigation (green or black) or aerobic system (purple) spraying.
    • Take pictures from the street of your aerobic heads actually spraying so that they can see what it looks like and how easily it can be mistaken for irrigation heads.
  1. Additionally, ask your TCEQ licensed Maintenance Provider to write a short letter indicating the above.

If you need help with any of these steps, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help!

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