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Making Septic Tank Cleaning Easier

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No one likes their yard being dug up. Unfortunately, that’s the only way to properly clean out a septic tank if the lids are buried. There are ways to make locating your lids easier, and to avoid digging each time. The best way is to install a septic tank riser over the access lid(s) to your tank.

There are many pros but not many con’s to installing risers. Let’s go over them!


  • Your yard will not have to be dug up when the tank is pumped
  • Pumping will no longer require digging up your landscaping if placed over the tank
  • Your tank will be easy to locate
  • You may save money on septic tank cleaning since the tank will not need to be located or dug up
  • They can be installed by the owner or a septic company
  • They come in a variety of brands so you can get the look you want for the price you want
  • They come in a variety of height
  • They come in a variety of width
  • The lids can be properly secured ensuring they are safe
  • They can be installed to be exposed at ground level, or they can be installed to be buried a few inches so they are still easy to access without seeing them in your yard
  • They will bring your lids into compliance if your lids are buried deep
  • It will make it easier to monitor your system for backup in the tank


  • There is an upfront expense
  • If you have more than one lid, the expense will be greater
  • If the lids are not secure, then they can be tampered with – so be sure they are always secure
  • If the lids are visible, they may not be aesthetically appealing
  • Lids and risers may require replacement after many years
  • Roots can grow around the riser, but pulling the roots each time the tank is pumped can usually keep them from causing a problem
  • Rainwater can enter the tank if the tank is in an area where rainwater ponds or runs off, which could cause unintentional consequences to your septic system

Thinking of installing a riser? Call us to find out more! We sell and install Tuff Tite risers. You can purchase them from our office to install them yourself, or give us a call and we’ll take care of it for you.

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