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Don’t strain your drain!

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photo of flooded utility room

In addition to keeping items out of the system that do not belong, excessive water entering your system can cause septic problems. Here are a few ways to avoid straining your system with hydraulic overload.

  • Quickly fix running commodes
  • Quickly fix dripping faucets
  • Quickly fix malfunctioning water softeners
  • Avoid consecutive loads of laundry
  • Avoid running multiple water use appliances at the same time
  • Avoid having more occupants that the system was designed for
  • Avoid frequent large gatherings
  • Avoid long showers, using multiple shower heads simultaneously, and using large bathtubs
  • Conserve water in general, which will reduce the amount entering the system

Septic system failure due to over-usage usually cannot be remedied by pumping the tank if the over-usage continues. Some systems recover after the tank is pumped and the over-usage subsides, but some do not. If the system is not able to accept your amount of household wastewater usage, the system may need to be enlarged or even replaced.

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