Full Septic System Inspections: $400 can save you $30,000!

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You read it right. One of our recent customers opted for a full septic system inspection, which cost him an extra $400, but it saved him from spending $30,000 on a new septic system!

The average aerobic septic system replacement cost is about $12,000 to $15,000. However, this customer’s property was very small with little to no room for an aerobic system’s spray distribution, which means the system would require $30,000 drip irrigation.

Good thing this customer chose to do a full septic inspection instead of a visual inspection! The customer was on the fence but made the right decision. What was wrong with the system? A lot!

  • The tank was 1/3 under a bathroom addition.
  • The tank was leaking.
  • The outlet baffle was missing, allowing sludge to flow into the drainfield.
  • The system was undersized for the house after the customer expanded the home’s square footage.

Some of these issues could not have been determined by a home inspector or a visual inspection.  It’s often wise to spring for the full inspection. You can’t inspect what you can’t see!
Click here to read more about the difference between visual inspections and full inspections.

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