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Should I Get a Visual or Full Inspection? [Video]

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Should I get a visual or full septic inspection?

When you call to schedule a septic inspection, the provider should ask if you would like a visual or full inspection. Knowing the type you are scheduling will ensure you receive the type of inspection you want or need for your lender.

A visual inspection is quick and simple, yet very limited. The inspector runs water inside the home and only checks for backup in the house and visual signs of wetness over the yard.

However, the majority of septic system problems cannot be seen without looking inside the tank, which is buried underground. Many common problems—including overfull tanks, corrosion, leaks, detached dividing walls, roots, and backflow from the drainfield—are not visible from the surface, and cannot be seen during a visual inspection (watch the video above to see images of these problems).

A full inspection usually requires pumping out the septic tank during the inspection. This inspection is more costly, but does not compare to the expense of installing a new septic system.

The state of Texas does not regulate septic inspections, so anyone can offer an inspection without having the experience and expertise most buyers desire. It is recommended to ask for your inspectors credentials, which would preferably include a NAWT inspector certification, TCEQ installer license, experience and referrals from your real-estate agent.

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