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A Look Behind Septic Tank Cleanings

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Need your septic tank cleaned and wondering about the process? Let’s take it step by step.

  • One of our trained professional pumpers calls you on their way to your home, ensuring you will be home and providing an estimated time of arrival.
  • Once arriving and obtaining necessary paperwork, the technician locates the tank with a metal detector, probe, or transmitting locator.
  • If the tank is accessible, the technician digs up the lid(s) with a shovel and rock bar. He checks to see if the tank has a dividing wall; if so, he exposes the second lid.
  • Upon opening the tank, the technician assesses the liquid level in the tank. If the liquid level is above normal, the absorption area may not be accepting wastewater. If the liquid level is below normal, the tank may be leaking.
  • The technician then vacuums the wastewater from the tank into the septic truck. All liquids and solids are collected from the tank unless the sludge is too compact (due to infrequent pumping). If that’s the case, the technician removes as much sludge as possible and may recommend to pump the tank again after several months.
  • The technician also checks the tank for cracks, roots, and corrosion. He verifies the dividing wall is secure and checks the inlet and outlet baffles.
  • The tech then covers the tank back up with the soil that was originally over it (unless you request to leave the lid uncovered).
  • The tech gives you a written copy of the work order with pumping details and total. He’s also there to answer any questions you may have.
  • Approximately one week after pumping, you receive the completed waste hauler manifest ticket after the waste is dumped at the treatment plant.

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