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Top 7 Septic Tips for Summer

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It’s getting hot – and that means backyard BBQ’s and kids playing in the yard. Here’s the top summer septic tips to keep your system, family and pets safe this season.

  1. Clean your septic tank. If it’s been over 3 years, chances are it’s time. Don’t wait until there is a problem – by then it may be too late. Cleaning your tank protects your drainfield.
  2. Clean your drainfield. Your drainfield is susceptible to sludge and roots clogging the pipes. Help prolong the life of your drainfield by ensuring the pipes are not blocked – this prevents backup over your yard, in your tank and in your house.
  3. Don’t drive park over any part of your system. This can cause pipes to crush, but it also compacts the soil around the drainfield which can prevent necessary percolation.
  4. Don’t flush anything except toilet paper. That’s right – even if it says “flushable” or “septic safe”….is it really? Items flushed down the commode do not disappear and must be broken down in the septic tank. Rule of thumb: if it’s not toilet paper, don’t flush it.
  5. Don’t over use the garbage disposal. Everything going down the disposal must be broken down and treated in the septic tank. Too much food in the septic tank can overload the bacteria which has a negative affect on the health of your septic system.
  6. Watch for surges. Are your college kids coming home? Chances are they’ll be bringing all their dirty laundry too! Spread out usage on the system, including washing machine usage. Surges on the system can overload the system beyond the amount of water it was designed to handle.

If there is any doubt, call a septic professional right away. It’s easer to prevent your system from failing than to repair the damage after it’s occurred. Call us before all summer slots fill up!

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