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How the Pandemic could be Affecting Your Septic System

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So much has changed in 2020, including the use of your septic system. With the kids learning remotely, our working from home, and most of us not getting out-and-about as often as before, septic systems are being stressed in more ways than you’d think. Here are a few things to consider while we are at home more.

  1. Are you using more water at home than normal? One example: Medical field personnel are washing clothes upon walking through the door and perhaps taking more than 1 shower per day. 
  2. Are you washing your hands more frequently? Not only does this water add up to extra gallons in your system, but excessive use of antibacterial soaps can negatively affect the bacteria in your system.
  3. Are you eating at home more often? Meal prep can add more solids to the system as well more water usage through washing fruits and veggies, and cleaning the dishes. 
  4. Are you using sanitizing wipes? Make sure wipes of all kinds are thrown in the trash instead of flushed down the commode. The wipes can cause clogs and they may not be able to be removed when the tank is pumped.
  5. Are you using more bleach? A little bleach here and there in your laundry or cleaning usually won’t affect your system too much, however, excessive use of bleach can certainly cause bacterial damage.

Being at home means more to your septic system than simply greater use of the bathroom. These are some of the ways your system can be inadvertently affected by the pandemic. What can you do about it? One thing you can do is pumping your tank sooner than you might have otherwise. Other than that, just be cautious of what—and how much—goes down the plumbing.

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