Installing landscaping? Install a septic riser.

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Most septic tank lids are buried, so when it’s time to clean your septic tank, we happily locate those lids and dig them up as part of our service. However, if you don’t want your grass dug up, or if you are installing landscaping, there’s an easier way to get access to your lids! Install risers!

Risers are basically rings or cylinders that go around the access opening and bring the lid to the surface of the ground and are secured with screws. Now, if you don’t want to see the lids, but you also don’t want to do any digging, risers can be installed to just below the surface where you can place some mulch or landscaping rocks over, which can be easily swept off when it’s time to access those lids.

Once your tank lid is exposed, risers are fairly easy to install. We sell risers at our office location if you’d like to pick them up for a DIY installation. Or, if you’d like us to install them for you, we are happy to do that too!

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