Which type of chlorine should I use in my system?

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Septic tank no-nos: using pool chlorine

If you have an aerobic system with spray heads, your system has a chlorinator. The chlorinator’s job is to house the chlorine while it is being used. The chlorine has an important job: to disinfect the treated wastewater before it sprays onto your lawn. There are several types of chlorinators. The type of chlorinator your system has will dictate which type of chlorine you use.

Tablet chlorinators

Tablet chlorinators use chlorine tablets. Only use Calcium Hypochlorite tablets as they are designed to treat wastewater. Do not use swimming pool tablets, and never mix the two as it can cause an explosive reaction. If you’ve used swimming pool tablets previously, be sure to wash the chlorinator well with a garden hose before adding the proper tablets. There’s a good chance your service provider sells Calcium Hypochlorite tablets, as do most large hardware stores such as Lowes and Home Depot. 

Liquid chlorinators

Liquid chlorinators use regular household bleach. Name brand or off brand work the same, just be sure to use the regular bleach and not the splashless version. Liquid chlorinators are newer to the market than tablet chlorinators.  In most cases, tablet chlorinators can be switched out for liquid chlorinators. 

Your chlorinator does not have to be full all the time, but there should always be some chlorine present. It’s generally recommended to check the chlorinator monthly and add chlorine as needed. 

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