Once-Rural Septic System Now Located on Developed Land, Requires Replacement

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Shifting property lines require installing new septic system

San Antonio has grown a lot over the years, often around older properties with existing septic systems. As regulations and property lines changed, it became difficult for some property owners to properly maintain their septic systems. Recently we inspected a system that is actually now located on a different property!

Shifting property lines cause septic headaches

In 1981, we installed a septic system off Loop 1604 on the northwest side of San Antonio. At that time, the property was five acres and shared with a neighboring well located more than 2000 feet away.

In March 2015, we were called for a septic inspection before the property was sold. The original five acres had been divided and sold over the years, which caused some interesting problems.

  • The septic system drainfield is now on one of the neighboring properties, while the tank remains on the original property. TCEQ requires the entire system to be located on the same property.
  • A new well was drilled approximately five feet from the septic tank. The minimum setback requirement between a septic tank and water well is 50 feet.

Even though the system appears to be operating properly, it is out of compliance with TCEQ regulations. The homeowner will either need to install a new septic system, or have the home hooked up to San Antonio’s city sewer system.

Always get a full inspection

Whether you are selling your home or the property around it, make sure to schedule a full septic inspection. In most cases your inspector should be able to show you where your septic system is located, and give you a good idea of its condition.

Knowing this information can help you avoid inadvertently violating TCEQ regulations, and save you from having to entirely replace your septic system.

Need expert septic system help? Call us at 830.249.4000 (Boerne) or 210.698.2000 (San Antonio) or contact us online for help.

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