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Septic System Inspections for Real Estate Professionals

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Septic system inspections

Septic inspections are not “one size fits all.” There are many different types of septic systems, each of which require different inspection procedures. We recommend that you schedule inspections of the septic systems of all your home listings, as the status of the system can affect a home’s value in your clients’ eyes.

What a septic inspector should look for and ask

An experienced, qualified inspector will ask questions similar to those detailed below to determine the best type of inspection for the listing’s septic system. Inspectors who do not ask questions before coming out to a property will probably not be very thorough once they are on the job site, either.

What type of septic system is installed?

There are different inspection procedures for each type of system. If the owner does not know the type of system, county records may be available.

What is the septic system’s age?

This can help determine the system type in some circumstances. It also gives an idea if the system may be nearing the end of its “life.” Older conventional septic systems should always be pumped for a thorough inspection, but is usually recommended in most circumstances since the tank is buried and cannot be checked without exposing the lids.

What is the age of the property?

A newer mobile home may be connected to an older septic system that was originally installed for a previous mobile home. This should also include room additions or guesthouses to verify whether or not they are connected to the existing septic system.

What is the septic system’s maintenance history?

Pumping the tank just before the inspection can alter the results, especially if the house is unoccupied. If the tank has never been pumped, the inspector may anticipate additional time for pumping the tank.

What’s the reason for the septic inspection?

Lenders are requiring septic inspections more and more, but not all lenders require the same level of inspection — we recommend you check with the lender to ensure they receive what they need.

Buyers often want septic inspections just as they would a home inspection; in this case more thorough level of inspection is usually desired.

What is current septic usage vs. potential?

Knowing this information can give the inspector a lot of insight about what is discovered during an inspection. For example, if a system is barely working for the two people that currently occupy the home, it would be less likely that the system would continue to function if four people moved in.

Note that the state of Texas does not require a license or certification for septic inspections — be sure the inspector you choose has licenses and certifications relevant to septic inspections.

Van Delden offers septic inspections

Our septic inspections are conducted by TCEQ-licensed Installers who are also NAWT certified for septic inspections. We provide over 400 real-estate inspections per year, and provide the most thorough inspections around.

Our inspectors have a proven reputation and have provided continuing education for others in the industry through the National Association of Wastewater Transporters, Texas Association of Real Estate Inspectors, and Texas Environmental Health Association.

Are you a real estate agent in need of septic inspections at your listings? Please contact us online or give us a call at 210.698.2000 (San Antonio) or 830.249.4000 (Boerne) to discuss how we can help.

For 86+ years, Van Delden Wastewater Systems has withstood the test of time as the leading Wastewater System company, providing San Antonio, Boerne, and the surrounding Texas Hill Country with services you can count on now and in the future. 

Call us for any of your wastewater systems needs and let our professionals help you with your septic installation and maintenance requirements: 210.698.2000 (San Antonio) or 830.249.4000 (Boerne).

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