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How Do I Find My Septic Tank? [Video]

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How do I find my septic tank video

Although homeowners know when their home is using a septic system, they might not always know where their septic tank is located on their property. It is sometimes necessary to contact an experienced septic system company to locate the system. Here’s a quick video on the steps a provider may take to locate your septic system.

Locating concrete and plastic septic tanks

Most septic tanks are constructed out of concrete, so your maintenance provider will probably first use a probe or metal detector to try and locate the septic tank.

If the tank is made of plastic, or in a hard­ to ­search location such as under a deck, pool, patio, or room addition, it may be necessary to locate it using an electronic locator. An electronic septic tank locator is a golfball-­sized transmitter that is flushed down your toilet to travel into the septic tank. The electronic locator sends out signals that the technician will track in order to locate your septic tank.

Note that electronic locators may cost extra — be sure to confirm the price of the septic system service needed with your septic maintenance provider. While the use of a locator can be very helpful, it is not guaranteed to locate the tank if there is an obstruction in the plumbing or sewer line.

Septic permit offices maintain records

You can also contact your county’s septic permit offices to request the records on your septic system, which often include the location and layout of your septic tank. These records can be a good guide — unfortunately they are not always accurate.

Knowing septic system location is homeowner’s responsibility

It is ultimately the homeowner’s responsibility to know the location of the septic system and septic tank. If you are unsure of your septic tank’s location, an experienced septic system maintenance company that specializes in locating and cleaning septic tanks will likely be able to locate your septic system quickly, provided there are no special circumstances particular to your property.

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