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Permits Are Required for Septic System Installation

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Permits required for septic system installation

It’s a common misconception that you only need a permit for installing a septic system if you live in the city — but in truth, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) requires all septic systems to be permitted, no matter where it’s installed.

Usually a local authority, like the county, acts as an authorized agent to issue permits for a septic system installation under TCEQ regulations. Each authorized agent can add more stringent regulations, so requirements for permit applications may vary.

Permits are not the first step when planning a septic system installation

You must accomplish several steps before you can apply for a permit.

First the homeowner or builder contacts a Site Evaluator to perform a site evaluation of the property. This evaluation determines what type of septic system is suitable for the property and identifies items that may affect where the system is located (such as slopes, proximity to wells, creeks, lakes, etc.). Watch a video on how this evaluation works.

Once the site evaluation is complete, a designer (Professional Engineer or Registered Sanitarian) designs the system according to TCEQ regulations. The design takes into account the number of bedrooms and square footage of the home to determine the “gallons per day” (GPD) the system should be designed for, and includes a plan of the location of the system and design specifications.

If the property requires an aerobic system, a two-year maintenance contract and affidavit are required to be signed by the homeowner.

Only after these tasks are completed can the permit application be presented to the authorized agent. Once reviewed and approved, an Authorization to Construct is issued and the installation can begin.

Read more about the septic design and installation process.

Coordinating a septic system installation can be challenging

Because the septic system design, permitting, and installation process takes many steps and various experienced specialists, homeowners may find themselves contracting with several different companies for their one septic system:

  • Septic Site Evaluator
  • Septic System Designer
  • Septic System Installation Service
  • Aerobic system maintenance provider (when necessary)

As you can imagine, this can make communication and an accurate septic system installation more challenging.

Keep it simple with turnkey installation

Van Delden Wastewater Systems provides turnkey installations that include all necessary steps for septic system and aerobic system installation — our customers only hire one company. Not only is the process simplified for the homeowner, but also if an issue should arise, there are not three or four companies displacing blame on each other.

If you would like a free estimate for a turnkey installation, give us a call or contact us online today! We would be happy to meet with you.

For 86+ years, Van Delden Wastewater Systems has withstood the test of time as the leading Wastewater System company, providing San Antonio, Boerne, and the surrounding Texas Hill Country with services you can count on now and in the future. 

Call us for any of your wastewater systems needs and let our professionals help you with your septic installation and maintenance requirements: 210.698.2000 (San Antonio) or 830.249.4000 (Boerne).

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