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How to Unclog a Tablet Chlorinator [Video]

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How to unclog a tablet chlorinator

One question we frequently get from our aerobic system customers is how to keep their tablet chlorinators free of clogs. In this short video one of our service technicians, John, walks you through unclogging your chlorinator.

Most aerobic systems have some sort of disinfection device, the most common of which is a tablet chlorinator. The chlorinator is found either inside the pump tank or coming directly out of the ground above your septic system, and usually looks like a four-inch PVC pipe with a removable cap.

Adding chlorine tablets to the chlorinator is important; wastewater comes in contact with the chemical as it passes through the chlorinator, helping disinfect the treated water.

A common problem

Chlorine tabs you add to the chlorinator can become mushy and clog the chlorinator, causing your alarm to activate or a backup in the tank(s). Fortunately unclogging the chlorinator does not usually require help from a professional, and can be done in a matter of minutes.

Unclogging a tablet chlorinator

If you think your chlorinator is clogged, open it to see if the tabs look mushy or if there is any liquids backed up in the chlorinator tube. If so, follow the steps below to attempt to unclog the chlorinator:

  • Use a paint stirrer (available at many home improvement stores) or the end of a broomstick to swirl and mash the tabs until you clear the blockage.
  • Squirt water down the chlorinator with your garden hose to help flush out any debris that remains.
  • Once you see liquids flowing through the chlorinator, the blockage is cleared and you can add tablets to the chlorinator. It is best not to add any more than 5 tablets at one time.

If you cannot unclog your chlorinator, call your maintenance provider. If your chlorinator clogs routinely, they may recommend installing a different kind of disinfection device.

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