Your Septic System: Pathogen and Disease Fighter

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We often take our septic system for granted. Wastewater “disappears” after a flush, never to be thought of again (at least until it’s time for septic system maintenance), but disposing of wastewater is just one of the perks of having a septic system. Did you know your system is designed to TREAT the wastewater to remove pathogens and waterborne diseases? That means your septic system works on your behalf to protect you and your family from preventable disease. How great is that?

Septic systems are relatively commonplace in the United States, but they are considered a luxury in most third world countries where waterborne diseases run rampant. Children can become very ill from just taking a bath in the river or drinking water, and in many cases result in death.

All septic systems require maintenance not only to get rid of the wastewater from the house, but also so the system can properly treat the wastewater before it returns to our environment. It can be tough to get excited about spending your hard-earned dollars on something so seemingly basic as your septic system, but if we think about how fortunate we are to have a system that protects our family from disease, it’s easy to be grateful for how hard it works for us.

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