Can Septic Systems Be “Green”?

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Green septic system design

The “Go Green” movement is modern and popular, but septic systems have been “green” from the very beginning.

Treating wastewater naturally

A standard or conventional septic system with an absorptive drainfield usually has two main components: the septic tank and the absorption area. The tank separates the solids from the liquids, then the liquids flow out to the absorption area and percolate into the soil.

The septic system uses natural bacteria to treat the wastewater, which is then “recycled” into our groundwater supply as it moves through the soil.

Keeping your septic system green

The only time a septic system isn’t “green” is when it’s malfunctioning or being improperly used.

Proper usage and maintenance not only ensures that the system functions properly, but also that the soil and groundwater supply are not contaminated.

Here’s three more ways to keep your septic system environmentally friendly.

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