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Can I Tell What Septic System Brand I Have?

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How to find your septic system's brand

There are many different manufacturers of aerobic systems, so when you are looking for a maintenance company it is wise to find someone who specializes in servicing your particular brand. But how do you know what brand you have? Here are a few things you can do to find out.

#1: Take a look at your system

Typically the brand name is on one or more of your aerobic system’s components. Try checking the control box, right around the alarm light, the tank lids, or any other above-ground components that you see.

#2: Check with your installer

The installer of your aerobic system should be able to tell you the system’s brand.

#3: Check with the county or local regulating authority

Because your aerobic system is required to be permitted, you may be able to check the permit for the brand.

A word of caution though: there’s no guarantee that the brand noted on your permit is what was actually installed. The system could be permitted with one brand specified, but another brand may have been installed as long as it met the same design requirements indicated on the permit application.

#4: Schedule a pumping

If your search turns up nothing, the best thing to do is call a local septic maintenance provider to pump and/or inspect your tank — it may be easy for him or her to discover your septic tank’s brand once the lids are uncovered and opened.

Aerobic system brands are not all the same

All aerobic systems treat wastewater, but the ways they do it can vary. Parts are not always interchangeable between brands, so it’s best to choose a septic maintenance provider that specializes in and has the exact parts for your system brand.

Van Delden Wastewater Systems specializes in installing and servicing Clearstream brand aerobic systems. We know the brand inside and out, and keep all parts in stock for faster repairs.

To learn more about aerobic systems and how to keep yours running efficiently, download a free copy of Living with an Aerobic Treatment Unit and Spray Field.

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