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Septic Systems and Landscaping

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Tips for landscaping over your septic system

Because your septic system must be pumped routinely, it’s a good idea to keep the tank lids exposed (so your lawn doesn’t have to be dug up every 3 – 5 years); however, we know people want to have nice lawns. The good news is, septic systems and beautiful landscaping are not mutually exclusive.

Landscaping over the septic tank is fine

However, you should keep the septic tank’s lids accessible. In other words, don’t “mark” the lid of your tank with a nice plant that you don’t want to be removed when the tank is pumped. Even mulch and landscaping rocks may look disheveled after the lid is covered back up after digging.

Consider installing septic risers

Septic system riserSeptic risers extend the tank lid to the surface of the ground. Septic tanks are generally buried 12 inches or so underground, with the lid right on top — meaning that your septic provider has to dig up part of your lawn to access the lid.

A riser is essentially a long tube connecting the hole in the tank to the lid, which then can be left right at the surface and covered with mulch or landscaping rocks that can be simply brushed away when it’s time to pump the tank.

Keeping your lids accessible will help avoid extra costs to dig and locate the tank lids.

Other landscaping tips

When you come right down to it, your septic tank is full of water — something our South Texas plants just can’t get enough of.

  1. Avoid planting trees or other plants with invasive roots near your septic tank. They’ll seek whatever water they can find, and will crack pipes and tank lids to get to it.
  2. Don’t plant your garden over the septic tank or drainfield. The plants could use water from either place as they grow, and you may end up with contaminated fruits or vegetables.

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