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Can I Add or Move My Aerobic System Spray Heads?

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Septic tank cleaning and sprinkler systems

There are many reasons for adding to relocating an aerobic system’s spray heads, which make up the aerobic spray field. Pool installations may require the spray field to be relocated; also, a homeowner may want to move the spray heads to water areas of their yard that aren’t getting enough water. Whatever the reason, it is important to remember that spray fields are regulated, and these changes are not something homeowners can do themselves.

Moving aerobic spray heads requires a professional

All spray fields have to be permitted through the permitting authority that enforces TCEQ regulations (often the local County office). This permitting authority requires appropriate applications and paperwork, as well as a design from an Engineer or Sanitarian.

Spray heads can only be installed or moved by a licensed Class II Installer, and the system must be inspected to show that the spray heads are in operation and are installed as designed.

Setback policies affect spray field placement

It is important to note that spray fields have setbacks such as property lines, swimming pools, ponds, surface improvements, drainage easements, water wells, etc. — this means that spray fields must be installed a certain distance away from these features.

On smaller lots, or lots with these setbacks, the spray distribution area required by TCEQ may not fit in the available area on the property. In these situations a variance may be issued, or the system may have to use a drip field instead of spray heads.

Septic regulations are in place for good reason

The local permitting authority governs all aerobic systems per TCEQ regulations. This is to ensure that all wastewater stays on your property and is treated correctly — instead of ending up in our creeks and ultimately our drinking water.

If you’re considering installing or relocated your aerobic system’s spray heads, it is important to consult with a reputable septic maintenance company who will be able to tell you what can be legally done, and how much the adjustments would cost.

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4 thoughts on “Can I Add or Move My Aerobic System Spray Heads?

  1. I live in an area of Oklahoma that has no regulation so my question is, how far can I move the sprinklers from the system? Thanks

    • It seems like its uncommon today for something to not be regulated so you should seek further to who may be regulating septic or aerobic systems in your area. You can usually pump a couple hundred feet away depending on the grade. If you are pumping uphill, that distance will be less. If you are pumping downhill, that distance will be greater. You will have to calculate your pump curve and supply line distance if you want to be sure the pump will handle the distance.

  2. is there a way to have the spray heads rotate 180 degrees instead of 360?
    I’m wanting to plant a garden between the pool & the spray heads, but don’t want the water from the heads to spray it directly. If I can do 180 degrees, it would still keep on my property, but open up a large patch of yard to garden in.

    • Yes, the spray area is adjustable. Technically, the spray area is set for a certain amount of square footage – so you will be reducing the square footage and that would probably cause the spray area to be out of compliance. Be sure you are not spraying into setbacks. I wouldn’t want it spraying in my garden either but just know that changing the area is more than just changing the direction of it when it comes to your local regulations.

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