How Much Does A New Septic System Cost?

How Much Does A New Septic System Cost?

Installing a septic system is a complex process, and there are several factors that can affect the final cost of a new septic system.

Designing and permitting

Before a septic system is installed, it must be designed and permitted. Some installers can do all this work “in house,” while others do only design, or only installation.

If possible, we recommend hiring a septic company that offers turnkey installations. You’ll hire just one provider instead of two or three, and scheduling everything through a single company can cut down on installation time and cost.

Type of system

Different systems types — aerobic, low-pressure dosing, conventional, etc. — are priced differently. There are many aerobic system manufactures in particular, and prices vary by manufacturer, model, and sizing.

How Much Does a New Septic System Cost?

Property location

Prices vary by region, and even by county.

Lot challenges

Small lots or lots with extensive surface improvements may require an aerobic system with drip irrigation, which can cost twice as much as an aerobic system with spray irrigation. Smaller lots require more work, and can increase the overall installation cost.

Other factors

Installers may charge differently depending on a few more things:

  • Their overhead
  • Whether or not the property is in their normal installation area
  • Their quality of work and materials
  • The “supply and demand” for their installation area and for the company itself

Choose a reliable septic installer

The best way to make sure your new septic system is installed properly is to work with an experienced, licensed septic system installer; it may not be cheaper, but it will save you a lot of time and stress.

We installed our first septic system in 1937, and have spent the last eight decades providing reliable, expert septic system design and installation to customers in the Texas Hill Country. Contact us online to discuss how we can help you with a new septic system.

For 86+ years, Van Delden Wastewater Systems has withstood the test of time as the leading Wastewater System company, providing San Antonio, Boerne, and the surrounding Texas Hill Country with services you can count on now and in the future.

Call us for any of your wastewater systems needs and let our professionals help you with your septic installation and maintenance requirements: (210) 698-2000 (San Antonio) or (830) 249-4000 (Boerne).

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