Heavy Rain: What To Do When Your Aerobic System Alarm Activates

Heavy Rain: What To Do When Your Aerobic System Alarm Activates

With the heavy rains recently in our area, we expect many alarm activations on aerobic systems. If your system alarm has activated after rain or power failure, follow these steps before calling your maintenance provider.

Silence Your Alarm

If the alarm activates, this usually is not an emergency – don’t panic. Silence the system by pressing the button near the alarm. This will not reset the alarm or system. Your light will stay on.

Wait for the Light to Turn Off

Wait approximately 24 hours after the rain stops to see if your alarm light has turned off. Often, rainwater can enter through the lids and cause the high water alarm to activate. If your system is on a timer, your timer will not allow your system to spray down until the middle of the night. Once the systems sprays down, your alarm should turn off if this was the cause.

Heavy Rain: What to Do When Your Aerobic System Alarm Activates

If your alarm is on while your spray heads are spraying, you might have a float that overrides the timer and allows the system to pump down when there is high water in the pump tank. Wait until the system stops spraying and see if the light turns off.

Check the Breakers

In most cases, aerobic systems have dedicated breakers that are usually outside near the system, as well as a main breaker inside a garage or the home. Check all breakers to be sure they did not trip. If so, reset the breaker and wait 24 hours after the rain stops to see if your system pumps down. Then follow the steps #1 and #2 above.

Reactivate Your Alarm

Don’t forget to un-mute your system alarm after the issue has been resolved. Remember to push the silence button again to un-mute it for next time.

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