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Why should my aerobic system be checked every four months?

To keep your system functioning properly, regular maintenance is required. If your system isn’t functioning properly, it may create a health hazard. All aerobic systems, no matter how perfectly designed, installed, used, and maintained, will have parts that will need to be replaced. Some are less expensive like diffusers, filters, etc. Some are more expensive items like the pumps, removing the sludge from the tanks, etc. Any aerobic system owner should expect to have parts replaced on their system, just as any vehicle owner should expect to change the oil, replace the tires, and eventually experience more costly repairs. Life cycles to each part of the system will depend how many people are using your system, how much water you use, what items you eat, medicines you may take, chemicals/cleaning products, what you flush down the commode (example: feminine products, condoms, baby wipes, etc.) and regular life cycles for each part, etc.

Some of the items we check during your regularly scheduled maintenance check will need to be repaired or replaced according to their life cycle. These items include (but are not limited to): aerator, aerator filters, filter pad, diffusers, irrigation pump, audio alarm, visual alarm, timer, control panel, electrical circuits, chlorine supply, spray heads, photocell, floats, diaphragm/veins, wires, junction box, lids, and sludge level from the tank(s).