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My tank was just pumped and now it’s full again. Why?

If you originally pumped the tank because the tank was overfull (meaning the liquid level in the tank is higher than normal, or “backed up”) and it is overfull again, this is sign that your absorption area is not accepting your household usage of wastewater. Lets say you have a 1000-gallon tank. The tank normal liquid level in the tank would be 1000-gallons at the level of the outlet pipe. When your tank is cleaned, the tank will then be empty. Once you use 1000-gallons by flushing the commode, taking showers, doing dishes or laundry, the tank will again be filled to its normal level (typically, this may only take a few days to one week). If you find that the tank is overfull again, this indicates that your absorption area is not accepting your wastewater. Check for dripping faucets, running commodes and malfunctioning water softeners as they could cause the absorption area to flood out. If you find there are none of these, more investigation may be needed to discover the cause of system failure and find a remedy.