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Septic System Regulations: A Guide for New Constructions in South Texas

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Septic system drainfield trenches

There’s a bit of work involved in installing a septic tank or an aerobic treatment system for your new construction in and around San Antonio. As the owner of the land on which your home sits, you’re ultimately responsible for ensuring that your system is environmentally sound. Otherwise, contamination of surrounding water sources could occur, leaving you in a legal bind. This is why it’s so important to hire a trustworthy wastewater company to install the system for your new home. Septic System Regulations for San Antonio and surrounding areas look something like this.


Initially, your home site will require an evaluation, and the soil will be tested. A new septic system must be meet many setback requirements that are set by TCEQ, but each county can have more stringent regulations.


Your new wastewater system will be chosen based upon the features of your property. Many new constructions can support a traditional septic system that includes a tank and a drain field. Other homes may require the installation of an aerobic treatment system if the area is too small for a conventional drainfield or if the property has too much clay or rock. Aerobic systems are newer and a bit more complicated to install and maintain. They may be your only option, however.


Once your wastewater system is designed on paper, it will be evaluated and approved by your county’s permitting authority who will then issue a permit for the work. In some cases, you may install the system yourself, but anyone you pay to help you must be a licensed installer.


Once the design has been approved, work will begin on your new wastewater system. The installation will have to adhere closely to the plans, and if any changes are made, they’ll first need to be approved through the same authority.


At any point during your wastewater installation, an inspector may drop by to check on the work that’s being done. Anything that’s not to code or that’s deficient will have to be corrected before work can continue.

Installing a new wastewater system can take more time than many new homeowners realize. Between the system’s inception, until it’s finally finished, inspected, and signed off, the period can take weeks or months.


Caring for your new wastewater system may include limiting the amount of water your family uses at one time, safeguarding what types of liquids go down your drains, and adding chlorine intermittently if you have an aerobic system. If you have an aerobic system installed, you may have to actively guard against ants as they can cause damage to electrical components. Aerobic systems often require more frequent maintenance simply because they’re more complicated to operate than a traditional septic tank and drain field.

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