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Holiday Tips for Your Aerobic System

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The holidays are a wonderful time for friends and family to gather together and enjoy company. If you are hosting guests while living with an aerobic system, consider the following tips to help maintain the health of your aerobic septic system.

    • Avoid hydraulic surges on the system and minimize non-essential water usage. The more people in the house, the more wastewater is generated. For example, avoid washing laundry the morning that your guests will be coming over or directly after they leave. Hydraulic surges on the system can weaken the treatment process and cause higher sludge levels.


    • If your alarm turns on, don’t panic! It’s usually not an emergency. Try to reduce non-essential water usage and silence the alarm. If your alarm is still on the next morning, call your maintenance provider. FYI: holiday and weekend fees may apply, so waiting for normal business hours can help save you some money. If the alarm turns off, your system will probably pump down on a timer. It should return to normal after it finishes pumping. Don’t forget to un-silence the alarm for next time.


  • Avoid putting anything in the system except toilet paper and waste. Heavy garbage disposal use is common when others are helping you clean up. Use the trash can instead of the garbage disposal to ease the strain on your system.

Here are some helpful videos if you experience an alarm or backup:


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