Installing a Swimming Pool? Here are Some Tips to Avoid Extra Costs and Damage to Your Septic System

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There’s a lot that goes into installing a swimming pool. You’re probably already planning on re-sodding, landscaping, maintenance, and more. But are you thinking about your septic system?


The state places homeowners as the party responsible for septic system compliance, and that includes any changes or damages that can occur during swimming pool installations. The first step is knowing your tank/system location. This helps swimming pool installers know to stay clear. We here to help, so here are a few more tips to help avoid expensive repairs that can come from poor planning.


  • Ensure no equipment drives over any portion of your septic system. This can cause significant damage to the system.
  • Build your pool or patio completely away from your septic system; no part of it should be above any portion of your septic system. We unfortunately see this error often.
  • If you have a conventional septic system, be sure you don’t install the pool in your drainfield. If this is the case, moving the drainfield may require a whole new septic system (depending on local regulations).
  • If you have an aerobic system, the edge of the spray area is required to be 25 feet from the pool. Capping off or re-rerouting any spray heads requires a permit.


In need of professional advice prior to your new swimming pool installation? Our team of experienced septic professionals is happy to help! Contact us today.

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