Pam Van Delden Receives NAWT’s Excellence In Service Award

Pam Van Delden Receives NAWT’s Excellence In Service Award

Early this year Van Delden Wastewater Systems’ owner and chief septic inspector Pam Van Delden was presented with the National Association of Wastewater Technicians’ Excellence in Service Award. This award recognizes individuals the NAWT board believes exhibit exceptional service to the wastewater profession.

**Update: Pam was featured in the April 2015 issue of Pumper magazine. Thank you for helping us honor a dedicated septic professional.

Going above and beyond the call of duty

With Pam there is no one-size-fits-all septic inspection; she researches and takes into account all the unique factors — system type, maintenance history, inspection type required by the lender, and many more — that could affect each inspection. She obtains septic records from the local authority, comparing the system location and size with the permit records and existing house size.

Pam Van Delden Receives NAWT’s Excellence in Service Award

Sometimes this research takes longer than the inspection itself, but Pam considers this work necessary to providing Van Delden’s clients with complete septic system assessments.

This passion extends into educating home buyers on how the septic system works, what she found during her inspection, and how to maintain their system in the future. She encourages them to be present for the inspection so they can see what’s really happening.

Often when the Van Delden staff asks a customer how they were referred to Pam for their septic inspection, their response is, “By everyone!”

Contributions to the wastewater profession

Pam frequently provides educational presentations for a variety of organizations.

  • Texas Association of Real Estate Inspectors (TAREI) – Twice Pam has taught members a full-day NAWT renewal certification course, which included performing inspections in the field as well as a septic system installation.
  • San Antonio TAREI – Pam provides continuing education to San Antonio’s TAREI chapter.
    Central Texas Environmental Health Association (CTEHA) – Pam offers continuing education for the the one-site sewage facility tract of the local chapter of this statewide organization.
  • San Antonio Board of Realtors (SABOR) – As the owner of the only septic system company that is a SABOR affiliate member, Pam provides presentations to new members.
  • Real estate offices frequently request her presentations to educate realtors of the different types of septic inspections.

The video below features Pam teaching inspectors about septic systems during one TAREI “Field Trip” in 2012.

Inspiration and leadership

Pam inspires both the Van Delden team and their company partners with her honesty, hardworking spirit, and thoroughness.

She is an asset to our customers, the environmental community, and Van Delden Wastewater Systems.

Inspectors, join Van Delden for continuing education

Educating people about septic systems is critical, whether they are a Van Delden customer or real estate inspector.

In April Van Delden Wastewater Systems will teach an all-day renewal certification course as part of the TAREI Spring Conference in San Antonio. Later in the year the team will be at the Texas Environmental Health Association’s state conference in Austin.

It is our job and pleasure to share our 78 years’ septic system experience with the San Antonio and Hill Country communities.

For 86+ years, Van Delden Wastewater Systems has withstood the test of time as the leading Wastewater System company, providing San Antonio, Boerne, and the surrounding Texas Hill Country with services you can count on now and in the future.

Call us for any of your wastewater systems needs and let our professionals help you with your septic installation and maintenance requirements: (210) 698-2000 (San Antonio) or (830) 249-4000 (Boerne).


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