How To Conserve Water To Keep Your Septic System Healthy

How To Conserve Water To Keep Your Septic System Healthy

Every drop of water used inside your house enters the septic system. Systems are designed to handle a maximum amount of water, so it’s possible to flood your system by using an unnecessarily large amount of water at once.

Here are a few ways to help conserve water:

  • Quickly fix leaky faucets and running commodes. According to the EPA, a running commode can add almost 200 gallons of water each day into your system!
  • Run your washing machine with full loads only. Avoid doing consecutive loads of laundry in a short amount of time.
  • Run your dishwasher only when it is full.
  • Do not use multiple shower heads at the same time. Consider a high-efficiency shower head instead.
  • Take shorter showers. Fill the tub only as much as needed.
  • Turn off the sink faucet when not in use (such as when brushing teeth).

Taking steps to reduce your wastewater may help with the life of your septic system (and can’t hurt your water bill). Make sure your family and guests are on board to keep your septic system running happy and healthy.

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