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Septic Tank Safety: Risers and Safety Pans Save Lives

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What are safety pans and why are they important?

A safety pan is a device used in conjunction with risers as an additional safety measure to prevent access to septic tanks. It is placed inside the primary lid of the riser and provides an added barrier in the event that the riser lid is damaged or malfunctions. The safety pan will prevent animals and people from falling through the lid into the tank. New Texas Commission of Environmental Quality (TCEQ) requires that septic systems have this secondary restraint safety feature. Exposed or improperly secured lids pose a significant hazard to the public. Safety pans mitigate the danger by providing an added layer of protection against pets, children and others from accidental or unauthorized access to the septic tank.

Every year, injuries and deaths occur in or around septic systems. Exposed lids, improperly secured lids and corroded lids can result in tragedy right in your own backyard. With the proper installation of a riser with a safety pan, you can greatly reduce the risk to yourself and loved ones.

Because this is a newer regulation, there are many existing systems with existing risers that are not compatible with a safety pan or secondary restraint. In these cases, the entire riser may need to be replaced. However, some risers are pre-cast into the tank and cannot be replaced. Every riser set up is different and may require unique methods of retrofitting, if possible.

There are many brands and styles of risers and safety pans on the market. Van Delden Wastewater Systems specializes in Tuff-Tite brand risers and safety pans. These risers can be arranged to many different heights allowing homeowners to choose the configuration that best suits their needs while providing peace of mind in knowing that your septic system is tightly secured.

If you would like more information regarding how you can better protect yourself and your family with risers and safety pans, call our office and one of our representatives will be happy to walk you through riser/safety pan installation and costs.

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