Why did they put my septic system there?

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Many homeowners wonder why septic designers chose a particular location for their septic system or drainfield. It can be frustrating attempting to locate a tank or drainfield, especially if it’s not where you expected it to be located. Some think it should be in the backyard only, some think it should be close to the house, and some even expect it to be far from the house. Often times, the location of the system can inhibit the homeowners’ plans to build a driveway, deck, walkways, and more (it’s never a good idea to build over any part of your septic system).

There are many reasons why a system is placed in a location, like setback requirements, or the original owner’s future plans.

Examples Include:

  • The original homeowner planned for a pool or additional structures
  • Setback requirements from surface improvements
  • Setback requirements from wells, including neighbors’ wells
  • Sloped ground that prevents installation on the slope
  • Topography of the property

If you’re unhappy with the placement of your septic system or drainfield, you might be able to reroute your system. Remember, when you alter or extend your septic or aerobic system, you’ll need a permit to ensure the system meets sizing and setback requirements. Keep in mind: If you’d like to move your septic system, laws may require a completely new septic system due to regulation changes.

Questions about your septic system? Need help locating it? We’re here to help.

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