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How and When You Can Hide Your Septic Tank Lids (Hint: It Depends on the Type of System You Have)

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Some septic tanks or lids are exposed at ground surface, which can be an eyesore. Ever wondered what you can do about that eyesore without causing damage to your septic system? Here are a few suggestions.

If You Have An Aerobic Septic System

Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do about covering your aerobic system’s lids. This type of system should be checked by a professional technician every 4 months, so the lids must be kept exposed and easily accessible.

If You Have a Traditional Septic System

If you have a traditional septic system, the tank should be pumped every 3-5 years. That means that the septic lids should be accessible every 3-5 years. You can use almost any temporary, movable objects to cover your lids, like:

  • Mulch (but not landscaping)
  • Pea gravel
  • Removable bricks
  • Removable pavers
  • Removable stepping stones
  • Removable flagstone
  • River rock

Remember: whatever you cover the lids with must be moved when the tank is pumped for maintenance. Be sure not to mortar any pavers/bricks/stones together over the lids. When your septic tank requires replacement, everything over the tank will be removed (another reason why it’s important to know the location of your septic tank).

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2 thoughts on “How and When You Can Hide Your Septic Tank Lids (Hint: It Depends on the Type of System You Have)

  1. How much would it be to have a tank pumped, a pipe that is sticking up at leach field needs repair, and the inner lining of the tank at the top cover area has water corrosion.

    • Cost pumping varies widely depending on local prices, which are usually based on the size of your tank. Any estimate I throw out would not likely be accurate without knowing all the details of what you need done. Usually, corrosion on a tank cannot be repaired. If the corrosion is minimal, it may be ok, but if its eating through the tank, the tank may have to be replaced. Try calling some local pumping and installation companies to see what is the norm in your area for the work you need.

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