What You Need to Know for a Septic System Replacement

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When a septic system becomes problematic or can’t keep up with the household usage, it may be time for system replacement. Septic system replacement can be more costly than a new system. Below are the two biggest factors that can add time and money:


Excavation machinery, dump truck, and septic tank delivery trucks will likely need to access the installation area. This can be especially difficult if the system is in the backyard and not easily accessible from the street. Fences, landscaping, trees, driveways, and other structures can be obstacles for system replacement. Easier access typically equates to less time and money spent on a replacement project.


Many existing homes have irrigation systems, landscaping, fencing, and structures that may need to be removed or could become damaged from installation. Septic machinery and equipment can crack driveways and damage underground irrigation, cable, telephone, and gas lines. It’s wise to factor in the cost of replacing or repairing underground lines into the overall septic replacement project total.

It is very important to know ahead of time what system replacement entails and what is not included by the septic company. This will help determine the homeowner’s total expense for the new system.


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