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Debunking Myths: All New Septic Systems Must Be Aerobic

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We’ve heard over and over from homeowners and realtors that all new systems must be aerobic systems. Is this true or false?

This is false! The best new system type depends on the soil at each property. A standard/conventional system CAN still be installed if the property has approximately four feet of suitable soils (ie, no rock). It just so happens that our area of north/northwest San Antonio and Hill Country has a lot of rock, so most new systems happen to be aerobic. However, the south side of San Antonio is comprised of sandy or clay soils where conventional and other system types can be installed.

We make a point to fully assess each individual situation to help our homeowners make the best decision for their properties and lives. Septic systems aren’t one-size-fits-all, and it’s our job to ensure we recommend a system type that serves our clients well for years to come.

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