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Selling your house? Don’t pump your tank yet!

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Getting your house ready to sell requires a lot of maintenance and prep work. Is pumping your septic tank on your list? If so, you may want to hold off until you have secured a buyer.

In order for an inspection to be thorough, tanks should be pumped at the same time they are inspected by the buyer. The tank is otherwise difficult to inspect. If you pump the tank too early and later discover that your buyer needs an inspection (either for himself or for the mortgage company), part of the tank must be pumped again – even if it was just pumped! If the buyer asks you to pay the pumping portion of the inspection, then you can do it at that time. Save yourself some money. You don’t want to put more into a house you’re selling than necessary.

What about inspecting the system before you have a buyer? Still, it’s best to wait. Mortgage companies that require a septic inspection will only accept reports for a limited number of days. If your report is prior to their limit, it will need to be inspected again.

If a secured buyer is asking to pump the tank, by all means, pump your tank! But remember: make sure it’s pumped at the same time as the septic inspection to avoid extra costs.

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