Do I Need a Permit to Repair My Septic System?

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A permit is required to repair a septic system, as well as to alter and extend it. All septic systems in Texas are subject to TCEQ regulations, which sets the minimum standards for septic systems. Your system falls under those regulations regardless if you live in or outside city limits. Each local authority, usually the county, enforces the regulations and issues permits for systems. Here’s how TCEQ defines “alter” and “extend”:

Alter: To change an on-site sewage facility resulting in

  • Increase in the volume of permitted flow
  • Change in the nature of permitted influent
  • Change from the planning materials approved by the permitting authority
  • Change in construction
  • Increase, lengthening, or expansion of the treatment or disposal system

Extend: To alter an on-site sewage facility resulting in an increase in capacity, lengthening, or expansion of the existing treatment or disposal system. Examples of altering and extending a septic system:

  • Adding bedrooms or square footage
  • Adding a cabana or guest house
  • Moving aerobic system spray heads
  • Adding a drainfield
  • Changing a home into a business

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