Extend the Life of your Septic System with Effluent Filters

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Effluent filters in septic systems

When it comes to extending the life of your septic system, nothing beats regular pumpings and being careful with what you put into the system. Effluent filters can be a handy addition to helping extend the life of your system — but only if you are willing to clean them regularly.

What is an effluent filter?

Ideally, you only want liquids to exit the septic tank to the absorption area. By adding an effluent filter — which is installed at the outlet baffle — the waste leaving the outlet pipe to the drainfield must first pass through the filter.

This will help with catching larger particles of solids and other items and help prevent clogging in the drainfield.

There’s just one catch

Adding an effluent filter can be very effective in maintaining your septic system, but it comes with a price: the filters require regular cleaning.

To clean the filter the septic tank lid must be removed (which could require some digging if a riser was not installed) and the the filter taken out, washed off, and reinstalled. Failing to regularly clean the filter could lead to clogging and cause a backup.

So unless you are ready to commit to the regular cleaning, we do not recommend effluent filters on a regular basis.

Ready to commit?

If you still want to consider adding an effluent filter to your septic system, you can find a variety of types on the market — some can even be purchased online and installed by the homeowner.

However, be sure to mark your calendar so you remember to regularly clean the filter.

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