6 Signs You Have a Backed-Up Septic System

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Signs of a septic system backup

Are you experiencing backup in your house? Here’s six signs you may have a backed-up septic system.

  1. Backup in the bathroom or facilities closes to the house.
  2. Backup that occurs when higher amounts of wastewater usage occurs.
  3. Odors outside.
  4. Wetness outside around cleanout, over tank, or over drainfield.
  5. Your septic tank has not been cleaned regularly.
  6. Leaky faucets, running commodes, or malfunctioning water softeners.

You may experience just one of these issues, or sometimes several at once.

Septic system or plumbing issue?

These signs are indicators of a septic problem, but they can also be symptoms of a plumbing issue. Watch the video below for tips that can help you decide whether to call a plumber or a septic system maintenance provider like Van Delden.

Still not sure? Contact us now for a free phone consultation.

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