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4 Things You Should Know About Your Septic System

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4 things to know about septic system maintenance

Keeping your septic system functioning properly may not be as difficult as you think. When it comes to taking care of your septic system, there are only four basic things you need to know.

The location of your septic system

Whether it’s across the backyard or right next to the house, it’s important to know where your septic system is located.

There are several ways to find your septic tank, and we’ve also got some tips on finding your drainfield.

As the homeowner it is your responsibility to know your septic system’s location. Not only does this make it easier for maintenance professionals to service the system, it can also help prevent accidental damage.

Don’t build over the tank or drainfield, or drive anything heavy over them

Although your septic system is underground, it can still be affected by activity on the surface. Building over a septic system can cause problems, as can driving over it.

Some homeowners put markers — anything from a small flag to stonework or potted plants — in their yard to indicate where their septic system is. These markers can be helpful, but remember that your tank has to be pumped routinely — don’t use a concrete fountain or other heavy object to mark your septic system’s location.

All septic system require maintenance

All septic tanks need to be cleaned and maintained, even aerobic systems.

Improperly maintaining your system leaves you vulnerable to a variety of potential problems, which can be costly.

Not sure how to maintain your system? Learn about the do’s and don’ts of septic system maintenance — and here’s some maintenance tips for aerobic systems.

Additives are not necessary

Septic additives are a waste of money. They may seem like a quick fix, but they are no substitute for routine cleanings and maintenance.

Keep it up

As long as you remember these four basic things, you will be able to keep your septic system functioning properly for years to come.

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