Why Septic Additives are a Waste of Money

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Septic tank additives are a waste of money

We live in a society of “quick fixes.” This outlook affects us in many ways, but something we see often that worries us is our customers’ belief that using septic additives means they won’t have to pump their septic tank. Don’t fall for this! Not pumping your tank can lead to clogged up drainfields and premature septic system failure.

Septic additives are not magical

Many marketed septic additives claim to “slow the accumulation of solid waste” in your tank. This may be true, but no additive can make the sludge magically disappear.

The sludge still needs to be removed periodically to keep solids from exiting the tank to the drainfield, which can cause clogs.

Using additives does not save you from pumping

You aren’t saving yourself from pumping your septic tank by using additives — you’re only spending more money to add something to your tank that you already add for free when you flush the commode.

As long as you are using your toilets, you are adding natural bacteria to the system with each flush.

Tips for maintaining your septic system

Keeping your septic system at peak operation is not time-consuming or difficult — it’s actually pretty easy.

Want to learn more about how your septic system works and what you can do to keep it healthy? Download our free guide, Understanding and Maintaining Your Septic System.

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