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4 Advantages of Aerobic Septic Systems

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Advantages of aerobic septic systems

If you live in San Antonio or the surrounding Hill Country, aerobic systems are the most common type of septic system being installed for new construction and for system replacement. Aerobic systems have been around for decades, but have become more common in Texas since the late 1990s due to regulation changes.

Aerobic septic systems have several advantages

Advantage 1: Aerobic systems can provide a higher level of treatment within the system than a standard septic tank.

Treated effluent is cleaner with an aerobic system by the time it reaches the distribution point than with a standard absorptive field, where a large amount of treatment occurs within the soil below the drainfield.

Therefore there is less chance of groundwater contamination with an aerobic system.

Advantage 2: Aerobic systems can be installed on properties that do not have the suitable soil required for a standard absorption field, such as rocky or clay soils.

Since most treatment occurs within the aerobic treatment unit, aerobic systems do not require any particular soil criteria for treatment of the wastewater.

Advantage 3: Aerobic systems can be installed on challenging lots.

Even if you have suitable soils, other criteria (such as available access to the property, setback requirements, surface improvements, etc.) need to be met.

Often a lot may be large enough for a standard system, but has mature oak trees that restrict access, has a pool, decks, patios, etc. Aerobic systems are more flexible, making them the best choice on challenging lots.

Advantage 4: Aerobic systems are “green.”

Water you use in your home (in sinks, showers, baths, doing laundry and dishes, etc.) is recycled to water your lawn. The water moves through the system for treatment before being sprayed onto your lawn through spray heads that connected to the system

Maintenance is not optional

Aerobic systems are more complex than standard septic systems, and must be checked every four months to ensure that all parts are functioning properly. Do not service your own aerobic system.

Keeping your aerobic system properly maintained and using it correctly will help the system achieve the highest level of treatment possible.

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