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Why We Only Install and Service Clearstream Aerobic Systems

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Service Clearstream aerobic septic system

There are many different manufacturers of aerobic systems. So, why do we choose to only install and service Clearstream aerobic systems? Simple. Because we believe it’s the best quality aerobic system out there.

Aerobic systems were not always common

Back in the early 1990s, aerobic system were not common. In fact, we installed the first aerobic system with spray irrigation in Bexar County.

At that time my parents, Garrett and Pam Van Delden, anticipated that we would install many more aerobic systems in the future (boy, were they right!). They visited the manufactures on the market at that time and did a ton of research about the different brands.

Although I was still in elementary school, my parents had hopes that my brother and I would join them in the family business as the 4th generation. They didn’t want to install a system that my brother and I would have problems with down the road if we chose to continue the business.

We are grateful that they made the right decision.

Why we continue to choose Clearstream

Clearstream Wastewater Systems are made of higher-quality parts and come in several models.

A lot of lesser brands come in one unit, with all electrical components and pumps built-in over the top of the aerobic unit. All the installer has to do is set the system in the ground and connect to the homeowner power supply. While this provides easier and cheaper installation, it limits homeowner’s options of system placement.

Because other brands come in one pre-set unit, homeowners are often left with an eyesore — aerators, alarms, control boxes, etc. — sticking out of the middle of their yard. I can’t count how many beautiful, high-end homes I’ve seen with ugly lids, aerators, and boxes sticking up in their front yard, by the front door, by the back porch, etc.

We always take aesthetics into consideration when installing a system. With Clearstream we can set the tanks, aerators, alarms and control boxes in more discrete locations, which adds to the quality of the finished product.

Why we service only Clearstream systems

Those are some of the reasons why we only install Clearstream Systems; however, we are often asked why we only service Clearstream Systems as well.

Most septic system parts are required to be manufacturer specific because each is tested and approved by the National Sanitation Foundation with specific parts requirements — it’s not a good idea to install a Clearstream part in a non-Clearstream septic system, for example, because it won’t work as well and might need to be replaced more often.

Many septic companies that service several brands often replace a system’s parts with parts from other brands.

Because we believe in quality service, we only replace your system’s parts with parts approved for that system by the manufacturer. Servicing only one type of aerobic system also makes it easier to keep our service vans fully stocked so that you never have to wait for an ordered part to come in.

We believe in quality parts and service

We are proud to specialize in Clearstream aerobic systems. Even though we could increase the size of our business by servicing other manufactured systems, we choose quality over quantity.

Read more about our aerobic system maintenance plans, or contact us today to learn more about Clearstream aerobic systems.

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