What is Septic System Failure?

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septic system failure

A failing septic system can cause expensive repairs, or even require the installation of a whole new system. But what does “failing” mean? To put it simply, septic system failure is when the absorption area no longer “absorbs” the wastewater introduced into it.

Common signs of septic system failure

Common causes of septic system failure

There are too many potential causes to list them all here, but the four most common causes of septic failure are:

  1. The age of the system
  2. Tree roots
  3. Sludge build up in lateral lines
  4. More usage than the system was designed for

Septic system failure usually means replacement

When a newer septic system fails, it may be possible to investigate and resolve the problem without having to replace the entire system. When an older system fails, however, generally the entire system has to be replaced due to recent regulations — for older septic systems, permitted repairs usually require an entirely new system.

There are instances when roto-rootering, hydro-jetting, may be of benefit to a failing septic system, but it usually only helps temporarily — if at all.

Keep your septic system healthy

Check out some quick Do’s and Don’ts for keeping your septic system working for as long as possible.

Van Delden Wastewater systems also provides free phone consultations and free estimates for repairs. If you think your system may be failing, or you just aren’t sure, call us or contact us online today.

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